In June, 2002, Dr Vora brought a heart scan machine to Owensboro. This scanner was only the second of its type in the United States. The other one was at UCLA. In June of 2002, my mother had a history of one angioplasty and five cardiac stents; my father had gotten his first stent on New Year’s Eve, 2001. Because both sides of our family had heart disease, my mother insisted all four of us children being scanned. This is the simplest test you will ever have and its results can be literally lifesaving! You just call 270 683-8672, make an appointment and go for the scan. All you do during the scan is breathe and hold your breath when the machine tells you. There is no prep for this scan. You keep all your clothes on and there is no IV or oral contrast to deal with. When the scan is completed, you will either be given your complete results, with pictures, and the recommendations for your heart health or it will be mailed to you within two weeks. You are not required to have Dr. Vora as your cardiologist, if that is the recommendation. Go to whatever cardiologist you wish…but go! The cost of the screening is $199. However, there is a huge discount in February, as it is American Heart Month. The $199 charge per scan will never make up for what the machine and its upgrades have cost Dr. Vora, but he feels it is extremely important to offer this as a community service. Our results were quite varied. A normal scan result is 0 (zero). My dad’s result was over 5000. This was 7 months after everything looked good! The arteries in his heart could accommodate very little blood flow and this resulted in Daddy making his advanced directive choices. Me being the oldest of the siblings, had a score of around 126, which is fairly low. I was having heart symptoms and my blockages were very spread out. Because I was having symptoms, Dr Vora did a heart catheterization on me. The results were exactly what was shown on the heart scan! He treated my symptoms with medication and I continued to get the heart scan every one to two years (my score doubled in two years and I started getting a scan every year). As interesting as Daddy’s results were, the results of my brother were quite alarming! The eldest, by two minutes, of twins, he was having NO SYMPTOMS, but, to ease my mother’s mind, he was scanned. His result was over 400 and he had 89% and 99% blockages in the LAD (also called the widow-maker as men in their 40s that drop dead of a heart attack have complete blockage of this artery.) Dr Vora put two stents in his artery and told us that he would most probably have been DEAD by Christmas had this not been found! I had my daughter tested at age 35 as there is heart disease on her paternal side of her family, too. Thankfully, her first and second, done at age 40, were both zero. My family and I are so thankful that Dr Vora has made this heart scan available to Owensboro.


~Susan K.



I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Dr Vora and his team of ladies that took part in my Endo Venous Laser Ablation on my legs! I had the right one done about 3 weeks ago and it feels like a NEW LEG!! An hour worth of work and BAM! I'm floored! The pain that I was dealing with all day/night, every day/night was insane. I was miserable to say the least! Had my left leg done this past Friday and I'm positive the outcome will be the same in about 3 weeks wink emoticon I will let you all know! Anyway, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR VORA for any procedure, but definitely the Endo Venous Laser Ablation! I would do it again if I had to!! 

Thank you again!!


~Krista G.




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