Do you occasionally dribble or leak when you cough, sneeze or exercise?


Do you feel loose vaginally since childbirth or start of menopause?


Do you feel dry during intercourse? Have trouble reaching orgasm?


Have your intimate relationships suffered due to any of the above?


If the answer is 'Yes' to any and all of the above, then let's talk about ThermiVa.





As women age or close to menopause, urinary incontinence or sexually not being 'as satisfied' are considered so normal oe expected that no one really talks about it. Women themselves are embarrased by it and consider it their own shortcoming.


Excessive relaxation of vaginal tissue is common after pregnancy due to hormonal changes and/or vaginal childbirth. This laxity also results in diminished feeling of pleasure during sex and could cause extra strain on relationships.


But fortunately now we have a treatment available that is giving women a second chance at a comfortable lifestyle. This unique non surgical readiofrequency system called ThermiVa, uses temperature controlled radiofrequency to gently heat vaginal tissue to acheive immediate tightening and long term vaginal rejuvenation by incresed collagen.


Why ThermiVa?


ThermiVa procedure includes series of three treatments (at monthly intervals) of vaginal wall and/or labia majora and labia minora. ThermiVa is FDA approved, safe, effective and comfortable. There is no downtime. Patients are able to resume work or social activities or even resume sexual activity the same day.


                                                                                                  Non  surgical

                                                                              No downtime

                                                                             No anesthesia


Recently while there are some other non surgical options available for vaginal tightening, ThermiVa is a superior option as- 

1-  The wand used for treatment is single use and is disposed off after each treatment reducing risk of contamination.

2- Also at this time ThermiVa is the only non surgical tratment available to treat labia majora and labia minora to fix embarassing problems like Camel Toe appearance.


ThermiVa can help improve

~Sexual dysfunction

~ Cosmetic look of labia

~ Vaginal moisture

~ Urinary incontinence

~ Vaginal laxity

~ Anorgasmia


Call Rejuve @270~663~7546 for your free consultation.




ThermiVa as seen on 'The Doctors'.

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